memory keeping

October 27, 2013 § Leave a comment


One of the biggest tasks I anticipate as a new mom is memory keeping. To date, I have been a very bad memory keeper:  I have approximately 1 photo album (not including my wedding albums) and when I look back at my journals, all I seem read about are what I was feeling. And, I’ve made the unfortunate discovery that the strength of the emotion does not correlate with how well I remember the event. Alas. Little one, you can throw those (mostly maudlin) books away someday.

In preparation of becoming the family memory archivist, some thoughts on how to proceed (beyond the blog itself):

1. A wall of photographs.

2. Keeping special objects, like the above jar of shells from a trip Christopher and I took this summer, or pressed leaves from a certain season.

3. Digital albums. I like the idea of doing a baby’s storybook.

4. Dated playlists. Compilations of songs or albums can take me back in time so specifically. (Works especially well if you listen over and over.) Christopher is making one for our first days as a threesome. It’s awe-inspiring to imagine picking the first song our child will hear.

5. Keeping a blog. And by keeping, I mean maintaining.

6. Finally, some questions to ask as re: your digital backup plans. 

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