a wheady mile

November 6, 2013 § 1 Comment


I came across a Huffington Post article a few weeks ago that was full of good words and phrases. We all know what a wheady mile feels like, and I was so happy to find that this experience has been defined. See below.

A Wheady Mile
The wheady mile is the last mile or so of a journey that, for some reason, seems to take much longer than it should. It’s an old dialect term from rural Shropshire, but it still applies to modern journeys. It feels as though you’re about to walk through your own front door and collapse into a chair, but instead there’s still the twists and turns and then, even when the wheady mile is complete, you’ve got to find somewhere to park the car. Mind you, a wheady mile is better than a Pisgah sight, which is when, like Moses on Mount Pisgah looking at the Promised Land, you can see something whilst knowing that you’ll never get there.

And now I am delighted (delighted!) to report that I am experiencing its application. Last night and into this morning, now afternoon, I have  trudged the wheady mile of pregnancy. Get this baby cooked and get this baby out!

I am grouchy. I feel like my body is not my own. I’ve noted this in general during pregnancy, but especially now that I am on bed rest. Everybody seems to enjoy a right to comment on how my body looks and on how I’m doing, and whether I am actually not doing as much as I ought not be doing.

I am also a little bit nauseous and a lot fatigued…I’ve been laid up since October 23rd and have five days to go until I reach full term. Full term means baby is mostly developed. Read: I can get off the couch. But there’s no telling how long it will take for him or her to exit after that. My guess? A wheady mile.

PS: Do look at the article. Another great phrase? “Going to siege,” which translates to using the bathroom. As author Mark Forsyth rightly notes, the metaphor “firmly implies a dose of constipation.”

PPS: Isn’t this little face wonderful? Christopher’s mom, Susan, gave it to us as a gift. He has many emotions, all of which I appreciate. Soon I’ll be this one.


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  • Lil' Scapa says:

    I love this definition!!! Never heard it before but perfectly describes those unbearable last few moments in a journey home…

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