Who am I?

Hi! I’m Isabel.

This is a blog about my family and the things that catch my eye. I keep it so that I’ll pay better attention to the small things and keep on writing.

I am an attorney, raising a baby named Max, who was born December 2, 2013.

I live with my husband, Christopher and our black lab, Lupe.

PS: From 2008-2012 I kept a food blog called Bread & Courage. I loved writing it, but after taking a year off to finish law school, pass the bar and move to NY, I realized that it no longer reflected my life. I tried to write in it again, but it felt like putting on an ill-fitting shirt. So I started something new.


§ 19 Responses to Who am I?

  • Haley says:

    Not sure if you remember me. So happy I found your blog! I used to follow your bread and courage twitter and site and always loved the recipes! in fact, I saw a recipe you had done a while ago and realized I hadn’t checked your site and now realize you don’t have it anymore! Hopefully, you will share some recipes in the future! And i noticed the baby in the blog! He is so cute!!!!!


  • Haley says:

    I am sure I have a ton tucked away in a folder! I remember you once posted a really good key lime pie recipe and I got creative recently and made individual sized ones! They were a hit! Best key lime pie recipe I have come across! I’ll dig some up and get them to you! Is this the best route for sending?

    • isabelvida says:

      Yea, send here, because it will remind me to post more food stuff on this site. Taking food photos during the day is even harder than it used to be, for obvious reasons, and the ones I take of dinner look very yellow and unappetizing 🙂 I am so sad that all of the links to my old recipes seem not to work anymore. I have no recollection of how to make my old key lime pie! Please send me your recipe when you have a chance–it’s that time of year!

  • Sarah Walsh Martin says:

    Isabel- congratulations on Max’s arrival! Love love te blog , especially as another new mom, and wanted to email you but couldn’t find your address on the site . Could you shoot me an email when you get a moment? Xoxo

  • Haley says:

    Wow. So sorry I never posted that key lime pie recipe! This semester of school has been crazy! But I am looking for it right after I type this. Loved your post on the library. I live in Long Island and go to school in Queens but have someone just like that in my library. Didn’t know it was a mortal sin to eat my banana as I read

  • Haley says:

    Turns out the key lime pie recipe is missing for good. I was able to dig up a few including a carrot cake cupcake recipe you had once shared but since the spring season is approaching, I am determined to find a new key lime pie recipe, make it and share it here with you

  • Tricia D'Amico says:

    Isabel and family-I am so deeply saddened to hear of your father’s passing. My father owned the drug store in Washington and your father was often a fixture at the soda fountain. My sisters, father and I all have such fond memories of him riding into town on the motorcycle-no matter what the weather! He was such a genuinely kind and caring man who will be greatly missed. Love and healing to you, your sister and mother!
    Tricia Hussey D’Amico

  • MaryAnn de says:

    I simply loved your dad. He was the most exciting & funny character on TV back in the day. I actually met him once on the streets of NYC. He, of course, came roaring up on his bike wearing a long duster & a helmet. Once he took his helmut off, he changed into a hat w/a feather coming out of it. I swear, that feather was 4 foot long! I have since fashioned a couple of my own hats that way. No lie! He was so pleasant, sweet, nice, quirky, a sparkle in his eye & his voice!!!! I’m a big fan of your mom as well & when I first read the two of them were married, I was bone stone cold jealous of how lucky she was! Reading the story of how they got together, it made super duper sense to me! She locked! (So did he) 30 years…GEEZ!
    God bless your family during this time of grieving. Keep an eye on your sweet mama. She’s gonna need you girls… I’m gonna miss your pappy. RIP.

  • Diane Williams says:

    I too loved your Dad. I was fortunate to get to know him through our dear family friend who was the pastor in your hometown church(Rev. Henry Dery) I also saw your Dad when I was often at Taft. There are not enough words to express my deepest sympathy to all of you. Your Dad was a kind, dear gentleman. I hold you & your family close to my heart.

  • Sasha says:

    I am so happy I found your blog–I am loving it!!

  • MaryAnn de says:

    I also enjoy this blog. It’s the first blog I’ve ever followed. I feel like part of an invisible family that’s kind, clever & of course, good looking! 🙂

  • MaryAnn de says:

    P.S. Max is the happiest, cutest coma victim I’ve ever seen. In the photos he’s wearing hats, he reminds me of Pappy. He looks like a little dickens!

  • zoemanuel says:


    I’ve recently come across your blog and I think it’s fantastic in the way you balance your work and family! I’m from the UK and I really want to do law but unfortunately I’m studying Philosophy at University but anyway, I’m enjoying reading your blog!

    • isabelvida says:

      Hi Zoe! Good luck with your studies. In my opinion, philosophy is the most interesting subject one can study, and very much related to law. If you can think like a philosopher, you’re ahead of the game. Thank you for reading, and please be in touch.

  • allthingsmeticulous says:

    I have been reading your blog for the last few months and have been meaning to comment on how entertaining I find it! I am a student in from the UK with a few important exams coming up but just love digressing and escaping from my studies to try one of your cooking recipes. Hope you are all well and good luck with baby number 2!,


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